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  • 100% Poop-Free Hands

    The Nopicapoop™ makes pet waste cleanup a breeze, allowing you to quickly and efficiently pick up after your furry friend. Just grab, bag, and wag on, without the ick factor.

  • Extra Looong Reach

    No yoga poses needed! With Nopicapoop™'s extendable reach, you'll be a pet waste ninja, snagging those "treasures" from afar. It's the ultimate arm's-length convenience.

  • One Tool for All Piles

    A handy tool that lends a hand in all sorts of situations. Whether it's picking up litter, grabbing fallen items, or reaching distant objects, this tool's got your back in everyday tasks.

Extendable Cleanliness, with Nopicapoop™

Catch is Done

  • Simply tie the bag closed, retract the extended arm, clip to your waist band and continue your walk hand free.
  • If you choose you don’t even need to tie the bag up. Clipped on your waist band, the pet waste will hang with no mess, no hassle!!
  • Once you reach a pet waste disposal site or at home, just use the net to push the bag out.

"Not" Just for Walks

  • Dogs are habitual and usually will poop after eating and in the same area of the back yard.
  • Do you want the pet waste out in the yard for kids to play in? Or perhaps your next barbecue?
  • Do you like to step in pet waste while mowing?
  • Simply follow them outside, catch and dispose!!

Environmental Plus

  • Pet waste never hits the ground.
  • Makes it much safer for anyone that may walk or play in that area.
  • In heavy rains/flooding the pet waste will not contaminate ground water or make it unsafe to evacuate to safely.
  • Apartments, HOA’s, housing complexes that “require “ picking up your pet waste will love you using Nopicapoop!!