Our Story


We’ve been pet lovers and owners for many, many years. Dogs, cats, fed the deer, birds and a few other animals that just happened to join in while living out in the country. One of them was an albino skunk that Coco met up with on several occasions.

First and most importantly of all - Coco is our inspiration. She is now 14 years old and we also have a 1 year old Chocolate Lab.

In the past, while walking Coco, as I stood and watched her poop, I thought, why was I standing there watching it fall and then bending over and digging it out of the grass (pavement/sand/snow), leaving no trace? So I started holding the doggie bag over my fingers and catching the poop. That was way too close to the production line, so we came up with several ideas and methods to stand further back and still catch the poop. We were ready to send a prototype out to manufacturing when Covid hit and all manufacturing shut down.

We wanted to share our idea - Nopicapoop - to help everyone of all ages so… We have tested it on ALL sizes of dogs.

As Covid slowed down, we were contacted by My Product Today. They loved our development and design of Nopicapoop. Partnering with them we now have a very innovative product that makes pet ownership very easy - or at least the clean up after. Nopicapoop is GREAT for all generations of dog owners.

Our aim is to make pet ownership easily responsible - for their community and the environment.

Stay tuned for more innovative pet products!!